Alicia godsey omaha | Bachelor Party Made Easy

Alicia godsey omaha | Bachelor Party Made Easy
Alicia godsey omaha | Bachelor Party Made Easy

The wedding bells are about to ring and the bride is in the center, rightfully so since it has been her dream since a child and now her fantasy is about to come true. Most men like the idea of a nice wedding but also secretly put up with all the planning for one thing and that is the Bachelor Party.

This party is all about him, so when planning makes sure that you give him the night he deserves.

If you are the best man or the guy that plans the party why not ask the groom what he would like to do, not all men like the cliche of hitting the strip club getting lap dances, that is probably more of what his married friends would like to do. Hey if that is what your best friend wants to do then hit the strip club. Regardless fulfill his every dream within reason of course and if you are looking for something else to do than going to the strip clubs there are a lot of things that you can do.

Adult arcades where they serve food and drinks, go-carting, batting cages or maybe some paintball, which is a great way to get rid of nervous energy and also get to know and bond with all the guys. A well organized “treasury” hunt is popular where the groom need to complete a list of missions. If being at a bar or nightclub after dinner and other activities the list could include things like; ask a girl to dance, ask a girl for a condom, get a girl to buy him a drink, massage his feet, hugs, and kisses….. You get the picture just stay within the person’s comfort zone and be careful so that you don’t have anything to regret the next day.

If you are lucky the Bride’s father is well off and doesn’t mind paying for the whole bachelor party but these days and especially if you are doing this with a bunch of friends the best thing to do is split the bill by the number of guys going. Make sure to leave out the groom, it is his time and should not pay for anything. (Don’t forget to add tips and taxes when planning the costs of the party).

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