Alicia godsey omaha | Tips for Planning a Delicious Menu

Alicia godsey omaha
Alicia godsey omaha

Alicia godsey omaha | Your reception food and drinks not only fuel the party (literally), they also provide another chance to infuse personality and style into your unique celebration. From aesthetics to flavor, these expert tips and suggestions will help you choose the perfect sips and plates.

Nail Down a Budget — Alicia godsey omaha
From the serving style and the number of guests to the appetizers at cocktail hour, every decision you make will impact the cost. Establishing a budget early on will help you stay on track.

Start Early / Alicia godsey omaha

An amazing menu begins with the right caterer, but to get your first pick, you’ll have to book them early. How early? Usually around 12 months out, at the same time, you’re scouting venues. Some venues will require you to use their in-house caterer or will have a shortlist of wedding pros they work with exclusively. Even if you’re allowed to bring in your own chef, you may be charged extra, so request a tasting with the in-house one. If they’re a no-go, look for chefs who are flexible and excited about trying out new dishes and ideas (and want to go beyond the basics) so your meal really stands out.

Find Your Number — Alicia godsey omaha
Your guest list will also be a huge factor in determining your menu. If serving an impressive spread is your top priority, consider limiting the headcount. If you can’t imagine your wedding without 100 of your closest friends (not to mention every family member — and that’s not even counting your partner’s guests), you may need to cut menu costs in creative ways.

Consider Dietary Restrictions and Allergies
Whether you have gluten-free guests, people who don’t eat meat or someone with a peanut allergy, talk with your caterer about these exceptions well in advance to make sure there’s an option for everyone. Dietary preferences and allergies are the last thing your caterer wants to hear about as they’re plating the entrées.

Settle on a Style — Alicia godsey omaha
Want a delicious, gourmet dinner to be the focus of the night? Opt for a formal, sit-down meal with multiple courses. Expecting music and dancing to be the main event? Choose a less formal (but still satisfying and tasty) dining style and menu, like passed appetizers and finger foods. That way guests won’t be weighed down by a heavy meal and can grab a bite before hitting the dance floor. (Want more trendy catering style options? Get them right here.)

Alicia godsey omaha
Alicia godsey omaha

Go Local and Seasonal — Alicia godsey omaha
Great chefs plan their menus around whatever’s freshest that month or season. Your favorite summer tomato salad, for example, won’t be as juicy or flavorful in January, but pasta with a rich tomato sauce would make a fabulous alternative. Ask your caterer what ingredients will be the freshest on your wedding date, then craft your menu around those foods. Also, find the freshest options by going with regionally grown or raised choice — you have a better shot at finding ocean-fresh lobster in Maine than in Minnesota.

Don’t Risk a Mishap — Alicia godsey omaha
You want your wedding menu to be memorable — but for the right reasons. Steer clear of potential food poisoning (or third-degree burns), and pass on raw meats, flambé, unpasteurized dairy, exotic animal products (maybe rethink bite-size haggis for a Scottish-themed wedding) or anything that’s crazy spicy. Make sure your caterer is familiar with the foods they’re preparing as well — sushi, for instance, should be made by an experienced sushi chef.

Add Personal Touches — Alicia godsey omaha
Share the story of your relationship through your menu by serving dishes inspired by special moments, memories or things you love to do together. It could be serving craft beer from the city where you met, poutine that reminds you of your trip to Montreal or paella because it was the first meal your fiancé tried to cook for you (and burnt, but you ate it anyway). Do what speaks to you as a couple, and you know would be crowd-pleasers.

Diversify Dinner — Alicia godsey omaha
“Think about what the majority of your guests will enjoy, keeping in mind things like where they’re from, age range, food sophistication, time of day and time of year,” says Alison Auerbach, a partner at Abigail Kirsch Catering. Of course, this is your day, but do keep your guests in mind (they have to eat too!). Try to hit all the bases with your spread: beef, seafood, poultry, and vegetables. Tap into all the major tastes too — serve something slightly salty, something sweet, something bitter and something savory. If you’re having a pasta bar and always order spicy arrabbiata sauce, make sure there’s also a milder option for your those who aren’t big on heat.

Alicia godsey omaha

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