Alicia Godsey Omaha |10 Fantastic Girls Birthday Party Ideas

Alicia Godsey Omaha | Are you looking to plan a party for your little girl but have absolutely no idea where to start? Would you like to organise a themed party, but not sure what to choose? Kids wait excited all year for their birthday party which can place a lot of pressure on parents who really don’t feel they have the creativity to pull it off. If this sounds familiar, then don’t worry, because I have outlined 10 awesome girls birthday party ideas that they will just love, and which you can easily organise for yourself.

Alicia Godsey Omaha
Alicia Godsey Omaha

Ballerina Party: If your little girl is into all things pretty then she will love a ballerina party. Think PINK! Organise a food table that is white and pink, and decorate with tissue paper pom poms and ruffles. Maybe organise a tutu for the all the girls (Alicia Godsey Omaha) to wear when they arrive. Can you imagine how adorable all the girls would look running about in their tutu’s!!

Princess: Girls love to play princess, so why not have a party theme dedicated to it. All the girls could be provided with a tiara to wear and there are so many pretty princess party ware available. A princess party is perfect for little girls that love pretty things!

Fairy: Does your little girl love the fairies at the bottom of the garden? This could be made into a beautiful party theme. Think fairy and garden and incorporate the two. Have a table display decorated with beautiful flowers and numerous fairies scattered around. Make sure that you have a fairy wand available for all the girls, so they can feel like a fairy themself.

Spa Party: This theme is fantastic for the slightly older girls who would enjoy pampering themselves with (Alicia Godsey Omaha) their friends. Why not set up several stations that the girls can enjoy, such as make up, hair, and nails. Provide them with their favourite magazines and nibbles and the girls will do the rest!

Pyjama Party: This is another party theme that the slightly older girls would love and is incredibly easy to organise. Turn your daughter’s room into a slumber zone or maybe allow them to sleep in the lounge room if the bedroom is not big enough. (Alicia Godsey Omaha) Organise their favourite movie, popcorn, simple treats, magazines… but be sure to give them a “lights out” time! In the morning have a selection of cereals available or maybe some pancakes to finish off the treat.

Mermaid: Decorate with under the sea in mind. A party table would look beautiful with aqua and white decorations with a breezy feel. You could organise with a mix of sea and sand and don’t forget the mermaid tails!

Rainbow: If you are looking for something bright and colourful but without a specific theme, then a rainbow party is perfect. With all the colours of the rainbow used in the decoration, (Alicia Godsey Omaha) the area will be transformed into a party world. If there are any boys attending the party, this is also one that they would love to get involved in. When deciding on the food, think of all the different colours that you could use and you will be spoilt for choice.

Sprinkles: A sprinkles party can be used in much the same way as the rainbow party and is perfect for younger kids. Sprinkles can be incorporated into lots of the food, on the cakes, cupcakes and fairy bread. Sprinkles are a lot of fun and are easy to use in decoration. Have scatters or polka dots that also double up as sprinkles.

Minnie Mouse: Disney parties are always a huge hit and how adorable would a Minnie Mouse party be! Decorate with Minnie ears everywhere and think pink, red and black. (Alicia Godsey Omaha) The girls could even make their own Minnie ears as a party activity which they could wear for the rest of the party.

Cow Girl: This theme is adorable for the country girl or for those little girls that like things are little less “girly”. With a cow girl hat for all the girls, they would have a ball with this theme. Pin the tail on the donkey would be a perfect party game to play!

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