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Alicia Godsey Omaha | Girls Birthday Party Ideas – Princess Dress Ups

Decorate a room with a magical princess | Alicia Godsey Omaha

Alicia Godsey Omaha | Surprise your party guests with a Princess Themed Birthday Party and watch as smiles and excitement grow. Decorate a room with a magical princess setting and have a large treasure chest waiting for the guests. Once all guests have arrived bring out the treasure chest full of dress ups for each guest to become a princess.

Stock your treasure chest with costumes, tiaras, gloves, wands, purses, shoes, crowns, and so on. Each guest will be able to create her own princess costume from the array of treasures. Make sure you have somewhere private for them to change. You can hang up a curtain across the corner of the room or make a room divider out of a refrigerator box painted and decorated like a castle. You can cut a couple of windows in your castle and it then doubles as a photo prop. If you are a bit more creative and artist or even if you’re not an alternative idea is to make a Cinderella princess carriage out of the box with a window cut out so again, you can use it as a photo prop.

A great girls birthday party idea is to print photos from your home computer, if you’re able to. You could print each princess’s photo in the prop and pop it in their goody bag as an extra special thank you and a small treasure for them to remember the wonderful time they had at your girl’s birthday party.

Now, don’t forget the shoes! No princess is complete without beautiful shoes. You can fill your treasure chest with children’s play shoes (little plastic high heels), but remember not everyone’s feet fit into those little shoes. Another great idea is to add in old high heels from your cupboard that you no longer wear. You can also go and get some great bargains from the op shops. If some of the old high heels are a bit on the drab side, get creative with some gems and hot glue from the craft shop. Little princesses absolutely love wearing grown up high heels!

No princess is complete without a tiara or crown. A creative craft table is also loads of fun for making crowns and tiaras and helps keep little princesses busy while you organise the party food. You need already cut construction paper/thin cardboard 1″ to 2″ wide and long enough to go around their heads. Also precut shapes like flowers and hearts for them to decorate and have small bowls of gems, stickers, buttons and ribbons. You will also need kids glue and glitter glue pens. All you have to do is set the table and the princesses will do all the work!

Alicia Godsey Omaha | If your budget permits, a Face Painter is always an exciting addition to a girls birthday party. If your budget doesn’t permit you can try face painting yourself. Just find a few designs like butterflies, crowns, tiaras and stars and practice on your children before the big day. Not only will you get better each time you practice but your children will love having their faces painted and it’s an opportunistic time to talk to them about the gifts they would like to receive and the ideas that they have for the party.


Published by Alicia Godsey Omaha

Alicia Godsey Omaha a director at a family owned daycare. My parents have owned the daycare for 25 years. I plan to it over one day. You can put that I used to live in Las Vegas were I ran a company by the name of Alys babes promotions LLC and BAchelor party babes LLC witch later got changed to Prima Allure LLC. It was an event planning business for large groups of people staying in Vegas. We would accommodate there stay and plan there events. Now that I’m back home living in Nebraska I work for my parents and help manage there businesses. Not just daycare I’m also an office manager and in charge of keeping paper work up today

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