Alicia Godsey Omaha | Bachelor Party Tips and Ideas

Alicia Godsey Omaha | Bachelor Party Tips and Ideas
Alicia Godsey Omaha | Bachelor Party Tips and Ideas

Bachelor parties often get a bad wrap by people, especially nervous brides. Many people assume that a bachelor party consists of heavy drinking, strippers, and lap dances. However, this is not always true. A groom has many other options for a more toned down bachelor party, and in fact, these are becoming more and more popular as traditional bachelor parties become more of a negative stigma. Either way, the bride and groom should be on the same page regarding what is acceptable for the bachelor party. Some brides do not mind alcohol and strippers, and some are dead set against it.

A groom and bride should talk about this long before planning begins, and a groom should respect the concerns of his bride in this regard. It is certainly not a man’s right to surround himself with dancing women the night before he gets married.

Here are some alternative ideas for planning a bachelor party that is not conducive to traditional stigmas.

Poker night
Poker nights are a great idea for grooms who love to play cards. It is a great idea for a bachelor party because it is more low key and laid back, but it is still a great thing to do with the guys the night before you get married. Of course, there should be plenty of food available at a poker night, and consider purchasing some fine cigars and nice beer. This is a great way to celebrate with your friends without getting carried away and insulting your bride. In addition, it prevents a pounding hangover on the day of your wedding.

Sporting event
Attending a sporting event is a great idea for a bachelor party. It is one of the guy’s favorite things to do together. Baseball, beer, and hot dogs. There really couldn’t be a better way to celebrate your wedding with your friends than that. In addition, this kind of bachelor party is one that everyone in the wedding party can attend, including minors, and family. If you are in charge of planning the party always run plans by the groom, but consider getting a block of tickets to his favorite in-season sports team.

If you are planning a bachelor party, keep in mind there are plenty of alternatives. Brides and grooms should be on the same page regarding the party and what is and what is not appropriate for them. If you are a best man planning a party, make sure that you are respecting these terms.

Make sure that you begin planning ahead of time. The last thing you want to do to your betrothed buddy is throwing him a crappy bachelor party that has been thrown together at the last minute. If you are planning a stripper-free bachelor party, consider some of the alternatives above. They will ensure that you and your friends have a great time and that everyone stays out of trouble.

Alicia godsey omaha | The Official Las Vegas Bachelor Party Guide

Alicia godsey omaha | The Official Las Vegas Bachelor Party Guide
Alicia godsey omaha | The Official Las Vegas Bachelor Party Guide

After years of dating, you have finally decided to propose to that special lady. Time to settle down and live a long happy life with the woman you love, but first comes the notorious Las Vegas bachelor party to be enjoyed along with your best boys. Ah yes, the time-honored tradition of going out for that one last night of debauchery with the boys before committing to a life of loving only one woman.

Now you just have to decide where to spend your time and hard-earned money. Sure, you could go to the local bar or Strip Club and drink at the same booth while staring at the same girls you’ve watched on countless weekends but why settle for the mundane when you could be celebrating in Las Vegas!? Bachelor party capital of the world! Home to numerous gentleman’s clubs, nightlife venues, and exciting activities to keep you busy during the daylight hours. Most men make the mistake of coming to Vegas and only sampling what the city has to offer when the sun goes down. Little do they know Las Vegas provides a myriad of things to do during the day from shooting zombie targets with automatic weapons at the indoor gun range to flying through the desert on your own personal ATV.

Most Parties tend to focus their energies on the Nightlife Las Vegas has to offer. Why Not? The town is saturated with nightclubs over 60 of them in all major hotels and more strip clubs than you can count. So what makes for the best Las Vegas Bachelor Party Ideas? Below is a brief list of top services and ideas you should look to hire in Las Vegas.

TOP Las Vegas BACHELOR PARTY Ideas By Alicia Godsey Omaha

1. Nightclubs – best venues for bachelor parties include XS, Marquee, Tryst & 1oak.

2. Strip Clubs – Sapphires and Treasures round out the top 2 with spearmint rhino the preferred venue for small parties

3. Restaurants – Piero’s and Del Frisco’s best off-strip restaurants Italian and American steakhouse, respectively.

4. Adventures – Dune buggy and Gun Range always great for beating a hangover

5. Transportation – Stretch Vehicles including Big BLUE or Brinks Bank Truck!

6. Pool Party – Great during the Spring and Summer months best pool include Encore Beach Club, Wet Republic, and Rehab.

Las Vegas is also home to a long list of exciting and unique places to eat like the German/Beerfest themed Hofbrauhaus or Dick’s Last Resort for the younger, more daring crowd. When planning for your Las Vegas bachelor party it’s best to not just go out for one evening, but to make a whole weekend out of this! You only get married once (hopefully) so be sure that your bachelor party is one to be remembered for years to come. A weekend to look back on when you are older so you can think to yourself “Man, that was one wild party.”

A bachelor package is the best way to enjoy a full weekend of activities at the best prices. The most popular Las Vegas bachelor packages include providing you with VIP Services at a Nightclub for 2 nights in addition to receiving unlimited Strip Club access with transportation plus dinner! Not a bad idea for a weekend. Here are a few popular Bachelor package ideas in Las Vegas:

The Clubber: Includes a party bus, all you can drink on the bus and VIP Hosted Entry into any 3 Las Vegas Nightclubs (e.g. Tryst, Tao, Pure, XS, Marquee, Surrender). Hint: Drink as much as possible on the bus to save money on purchasing drinks inside!

The Teaser: Free Transportation to as many Las Vegas Strip Clubs you can handle (Treasures, Sapphires & Olympic Gardens. Hint: Limos like to provide a free service to you as they sometimes make commissions on what you spend inside!

Dine & Dash: Stuff your gullet full of All You Can Drink and Eat food and Beer (Hofbrahous, Gordon Biersch) then get chauffeured around Las Vegas in a stretched Party Bus!

When booking a bachelor package in Las Vegas you certainly shouldn’t come expecting to wake up and find a tiger sleeping in the bathroom of your hotel suite but I can assure you that throwing your bachelor party in Las Vegas will guarantee that you and your guests will have an experience unlike any other. Below are a few tips on how to coordinate a party for a large group. It’s always best to speak with a Party Planner or VIP Service as they can give you great ideas to start out with and possibly work with you to help structure the weekend’s events!

1. Email – Communication is important and email is the best way to asynchronously keep all the guys in the know.

2. Intro -Introduce yourself as the party planner, why you have been selected and how you will be informing everyone of updates for the coming months.

3. Budget – Attendees spending limits should be the first thing you ask for you cannot plan a Party without knowing how much each guy is willing to spend,

4. Date – Get feedback on which dates most guys are available to attend.

5. Hotel – A hotel is a key ingredient to a good time in Vegas. Spend a little more to be closer to the action.This will save you money on transportation costs and you may even get free comps to the nightlife inside the hotel.

6. Agenda – Do NOT attempt to plan the entire weekend. The ladies will be getting wild and may not show to every event. Keep a designated Day/Night as a Mandatory guys meeting and other times can be left to leisure.

7. Payment – Collect ALL payment upfront do not leave this to chance as you will eventually be left holding the bill. Have everybody Paypal you at least half of the contribution in advance so you can guarantee services or possibly hire a Las Vegas Bachelor party planner to assist with things.

8. Logistics – Make sure every guy has a clear understanding of meeting times, places and obligations. You do not want excuses for guys missing special events.

9. Have Fun!

Now that you are equipped to plan and execute a flawless bachelor party in Las Vegas, starting as early as possible is the key to success. Use this posting as a guide to assist you in coordinating the big event with the boys. If you should start to fall behind always look for some assistance with a local Las Vegas party planner or VIP service as they have special advisors and staff who are available at all hours to assist.

Written By Alicia Godsey Omaha

I am a director at a family-owned daycare. My parents have owned the daycare for 25 years. I plan to it over one day. You can put that I used to live in Las Vegas where I ran a company by the name of Alys babes promotions LLC and BAchelor party babes LLC witch later got changed to Prima Allure LLC. It was an event planning business for large groups of people staying in Vegas. We would accommodate there to stay and plan their events. Now that I’m back home living in Nebraska I work for my parents and help manage their businesses. Not just daycare I’m also an office manager and in charge of keeping paperwork up today

Advertising and marketing for the Midwest area and planing summer parties for Vegas Bachelor events. Also, I deal with Setting up events and promotion work I deal with ordering and recruiting models or entertainers looking to promote or perform at one of our Gigs.

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